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Thanks for stopping by Valeri Down Under and taking a peek at my world as I explore life living in Australia.

White Haven beachBorn and raised in Los Angeles, Ca it’s a place I’m happy to call home. With the luxury of having the sunny beach and the snowcapped mountains just a short drive away how could you not enjoy LA. I grew up in a crazy but loving family of six, graduated college, and was then sent on my way to life as an adult.  As many come to find out not too long after graduation life doesn’t always work out the way you planned it to. I didn’t get into grad school, I took up jobs that paid the bills but were unfulfilling and though life was good it wasn’t good enough and I found myself unhappy.

At 25 years old I had my first taste of solo international travel when I decided to tour several countries in Europe. Those three weeks opened my eyes to a world I once only thought I could dream about and kick started my need to see the rest of the world. Less than two months after coming home from that trip I was denied vacation time from work to take a spontaneous trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  It was after this decision and a crazy idea from a friend that I met while in Europe that I decided to book a five week trip through New Zealand and Australia at the end of the year. I knew my job would never agree to approve yet another long vacation just seven months after Europe so I took the next four months to save all my money and quit work so I could take my next adventure and continue it thereafter.

One week into my New Zealand trip I had seen and experienced enough to know that my decision to quit my job (though crazy) was the best decision of my life.  I came across a lot of Americans working in NZ who told me they just picked up their bags and moved across the world. Not only because it sounded fun, it was these encounters that led me to take the next four weeks to find the place I’d fall in love with and call home. To my surprise life had a little different adventure in store for me. I met an incredible and handsome Aussie along the way who I absolutely adore and is now a vital part of my story :)

I could go on all day continuing how I got to the point that I am today but that’s what my blog is for. Check in every week for new updates about me, Australia, travel and much more. If my story can inspire at least one person who is stuck in a rut like I was then  all the trouble I’ve gone through will be worth it.

Lots of love from Straya xx


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Valeri, just come across your site after you followed me on twitter, love you posts and the whole ethos! So jealous, you’re living in Australia and can’t wait to keep reading about all of your adventures! x

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